Stock Level

Manage your dropshipping inventory levels from multiple suppliers from one dashboard. Stockistly gives you visibility of stock movement for each supplier, which means you will have control over how these movements can affect your sales.

Inventory Management Dropshipping Stock Levels

Performing SKUs

Identify dropshipping products that could perform better without countless experiments, and invest money and effort in promoting them.

Inventory Management SKU Performance

Stock Alerts

Take control of your eCommerce with advanced stock alerts that inform you of significant changes to your supplier's stock. These customizable alerts will keep you updated on various changes, from differences in stock to changes in pricing.

Stock Alert Notification


Customize Your Plan

Feed Limit

The maximum number of supplier feeds that can be created.

Feeds: 1

Schedule Frequency

How often your supplier feeds sync to stockistly and update your products. Your feeds are synced every 6 hours for free

Fast Moving Stock

This report helps you identify products within your feeds that are selling fast.

Google Shopping

Stockistly will create a google shopping feed every day and you can integrate with us to automatically update you google shopping feed file.

Your Plan

Feed Limit
Schedule Frequency
Every 6 Hours

Low Stock, Out of Stock, Re-Stock

Fast Moving Stock
Google Shopping?



Free tier is limited to 300 Products with Automated Updates and linking of products to feeds are not automatic.

* All prices are estimates